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Established in 1990, Pramod Auto Parts Pvt. Ltd. (previously known as Pramod Maruti Parts) has emerged as one of the leading trader and supplier of Auto Parts and components suitable for Maruti Suzuki cars in the aftermarket under the brand name LITTAL and have a wide network of Distributors / Dealers in major cities of India as well as abroad.

LITTAL covers spare parts suitable for Indica and Ace car also.

We have also added new generation car parts in our product range.

In the overseas market, LITTAL is a well-known brand in Australia, New Zealand,  Malta, Algeria, Egypt, Sri Lanka & Nepal etc.

LITTAL brand covers vast variety of small spare parts suiatble for Maruti Suzuki cars which are likely to replace very frequently.

The company owes its immense success to the highest standard of quality alongwith most affordable/competitive prices.  Excellent quality and customer satisfaction is our main motive.

Registered Member :-   (1)  EEPC INDIA,   (2)   I.T.P.O, New Delhi

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